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Folding tent for car racing hd

Folding tent for car racing

Folding tents are perfect for sporting events of high level.

Tente pliante XP

The team Dark dog trusted the folding tents LPTENT for their competitions and outdoor events. With these sophisticated barnums the Dark dog team can answer this to all sporting events without worrying about its image.

They have chosen to print their folding tents in color with high definition printing we offer. The team dark dog very quickly realized that by equipping material rather than folding tent event during installation, they gageraient time and conveyed a exceptional brand. With a configuration of 2 folding tent 3mx6m as the picture, you can deploy a floor area of 32m².

Add to that the walls of enclosures panorama and you will make others jealous team! LPTENT offers a multitude of accessories to accompany your marquee, as the ballast PRO, extra furniture or custom flags. You do not know which tries to choose to meet your needs? Head to the presentation of folding tents ranges or comparative tents.