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star tent for snow sports HD

The Starshade spokesperson of the brand AUDI on snow.

Do not judge on appearances, Starshade fits perfectly on snow to promote the equipment of the Audi brand.

Tente Starfull

Winter sports packed snow is a ideal platform to position your events products. Totem, inflatable tent, inflatable arch. It's about choosing a starfull Starshade also known as the Audi brand wants to shine on the edge of the ski slopes.


The choice is simple, they had a host structure that gives visibility, open the track 360 for receiving and reliable public technical team and products. Moreover, the starfull tent -like most LPTENT- product is fully customizable. Its PVC roofing as its walls printable colors and patterns of the sign. The Starshade is never intrusive event but has a prodigious force of attraction. Intuitively skiers feel attracted to her. Our other sport partners also use it on events in the 4 corners of the globe. It is an asset having it at your side.