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sports paddock made of marquee HD

The paddock of your dreams exists at LPTENT

Create your dream paddock next to our advisor team. Also very quick to set up, LPTENT folding tents will surprise you.

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Professional sport events in search of folding shelters to invite your team, cars, tools, voila you to the right place. LPTENT proposes and worked for many years with the biggest names in the automotive sports paddock to create quality.


The professionals make contact with us to discuss their project, we look together what range tent is closest to the customer's needs and its means. Size, quality of products, ergonomics, logo printing your sign. We have all the necessary accessories to create the perfect racing paddock that will accept the best conditions for your sports team. Do not hesitate to contact our representatives for a custom followed by your project, our 30 years of experience will be crucial to achieve all your projects.