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inflatable Airtent tente on showroom HD

Instant inflatable tents in showrooms

In showrooms the best way to be seen is having an increasingly visible stand. Increase your chances with the air design.

Tente gonflable Airmonster

The LPTENT Airtent models make their place in showrooms and other conventions. The inflatable tentinterest consumers through its greatness. It is an uncontestable advantage to have it with you. We tested and compared it to the performance offered by another LPTENT tent. The result is astonishing, bringing this inflatable tent model on showrooms we reach new customers interested in larger communication products.


It is particularly reassuring to know that the inflatable tent stands easily, even when alone it will not take you more than 10 minutes to install. The membrane double walls are so resistant to shocks that you can of course take it out on a barer floor. Contact the LPTENT team to explore in detail the advantages of the new models, inflatable tents totally printable for all to enjoy.