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The English pub revisited by LPTENT folding tents

The English pub with unparalleled results. Choice of dimension, size, model. Everything is done to make your have a pleasant time.

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In England it is well known, the weather is never at the rendez-vous. The bold gamble tempted by our northern friends was to provide access to an English pub in an annex to the pub, the bar connected by a corridor that would accommodate more people on special themed nights dancing.


To do things properly, we all think of a way to create an English pub replica in one of our most resistant tent marquees. It was primarily a tent able to stay outside 24/24 for a long time.


With our quality canvas completely waterproof customers are perfectly sheltered from weather hazards. In order to recreate a warm, bright and welcoming so we have selected our best lights for optimum illumination at any time of the day or night. For the cold season we thought installing heaters to increase room temperature and keep this comfort typical English pubs.