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starfull tent as a rallying point HD

The Starfull, only master of your outdoor demonstration

The Starfull makes wonders to bring together in a single point. Enjoy its attraction strenght fast.

Tente Starfull

The starfull makes wonders to gather the crowd. This is his greatest strength, or attempts starfull Star range is the ideal tool to communicate effectively on solid air events.


It shows through its size and unique shape. Hardly do we laid eyes on it was that our sense of curiosity awakens with a desire to go to her blameless. it is very simple, in your possession you take the risk of not having one second to you as the crowd builds up on your side.


To complete your beauty stand please provide space to rest. Seat, chair and bench to rest, tables and counters lean. Our complementary products are specially designed for use on outdoor events. Our tables and chairs are mostly folding and easy to carry. Needless to come 10 to install your starfull stand, 2 people enough. You will just 30min to fully install your stand.