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Rallying points of excellence

At the 4 corners of the globe, LPTENT provides quality equipment for all your sporting career.

Tente pliante ZP

LPTENT invests in sports competitions at the 4 corners of the world. Dakar, Tunisian motorcycle turn Rally Oilibya...The list is long. Partner on these events we provide the organizers of the tent bowers of excellence that will build the layout of the circuit. In checkpoint, the starting point or the choice came from the tent ZP of course.


The ZP range is the marquee tent model most resistant to this day. Several patents protect its unique construction. Our partners acknowlege the range because it is synonymous with perfection. In North Africa, the unstable sandy soils ZP Series fits easily in this environment.


Often our partners want to make visible their advantage checkpoints, or create an advertising logo in their own image. To this we reply to opt for our flags and banners Printable surfs to attach to your tents to give you the height and show your colors.