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inflatable tent to assemble outdoor HD

SONY Air tents star on ice

No one can ignore this unmistakable look. SONY inflatable tents have it all.

Tente gonflable Airmonster

Back from a hard day of skiing at the bottom of a large station, the Air Monster inflatable tent is on the road and do not leave you indifferent. How not to enjoy chocolate served by the SONY team. Our partners set up inflatable structures from stations to stations to make curious skiers try their new range of products. At the same time, difficult to resist theinflated tent lure.


SONY had turned to the LPTENT team for a installment project of this inflatable dome for 3-month tour in stations. Together we looked for products and furniture best suited for the most extreme cases of use. Furniture adapted to snow, a rigid floor blending perfectly with the roof and furniture. Walls printed to the colors of the brand. Everything is designed on measure. The inflatable tent will have this year crossed about ten ski stations to attract a thousand visitors in total.