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folding marquee for outdoor market HD

Tent of market gardeners is called XP

The ideal tent for markets, carnival celebrations, other fair, anything that relates to an intensive activity.

Tente pliante XP

The LPTENT tents are the most used in France for markets and fairs, and rightly so. We have the son of the years developed different models with specific properties for the intended use and adapted to the budget of all. Market garden conscious images, wishing to conduct a phone com to each output by attracting more and more people are turning to the XP range.


A quality product, printable on walls and roof. If you want more simplicities we recommend that you test the Colecti'V Slight or ranges. 2 professional tent models that make frequent use. LPTENT also offers cross products that effectively agrémenterons your stand: counter, table, ballast, heating, this is necessary to work in the best conditions and rapidly grow your business. If you do not decide please contact our consultant team, we will advise you as necessary to find a suitable solution.