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inflatable tent to lay on snow HD

The Air Design protects you whatever the weather

In winter it can be cold. Whatever, in the grounds of the Air Design the atmosphere will warm you as surely as you will be dazzled by the arrangement of the furniture.

Tente gonflable Airdesign

Innovate with outstanding tents in outstanding spaces. The best way to create the event remains surprising. SONY Our partner has understood. The configuration of the tent is calculated for a result more amazing. Catching design outside, provision of indoor furniture designed for the comfort of all. The 4mx4m dimension inflatable tent opens a perspective fields to navigate easily under the inflatable dome. It is much easier to integrate the furniture of your choice to properly decorate inside your Airtent. For the occasion, SONY has tested the new audio equipment to surprise the most curious in this amazing setting. LPTENT inflatable tents adapt perfectly to snowy environment with its dual structure PVC skin 740gr/m². Prepare your project on our side. Our team will advise you on the choice of product and furniture to sit comfortably. Dare to experiment with LPTENT.