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inflatable tent for all events HD

Your discipline immune to the vagaries of time

A sport moment to live? Or a demonstration to promote a sport? Whatever it is, you'll be the king in the Air Monster ring.

Tente gonflable Airmonster

What could be easier than installing a sport area within an Air Monster inflatable tent. The tent to swell is part of our most ventilated models with host surfaces ranging from 8m² à 28m². Here on an outdoor boxing demonstration competitors are cleverly placed in the chamber of an inflatable juggernaut with the ability to better attract viewers attention.


Why not create your own competition under those tents to swell? A tatami under a 6mx6m tent, a ring, tennis tables, fitness equipment. Try all the activities of your choice, our inflatable tents adapt to any type of situation, weather hazards, wind, rain...The permeable fabric ensures total comfort when it rains. Conversely, anti-UV treated roof will protect you from sunburn during summer heat waves.