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 family garden tent HD

The starfull unique shelter for your family outings

If the scene of your success is your garden, its instigator is the tent starfull.

Tente Starfull

Among the list of possible scenarios for the use of the star tent Starshade is the reception with family or friends. Simple and vivid colors give a splendid visited the outputs to the sun. 9m diameter in size, you will sleep and already an impressive surface for you guests enjoy a quality shelter. 13m in size, you can even combine furniture and guests in it. With a larger structure several options available to you.


You can be very suitable to install a buffet in the walls of the structure, judiciously arranged around the central mast. High-tech enthusiasts will house the fragile material in the structure. Some walls and windows will transform in no time your tent into a cozy cocoon. Depending on the use you want to make, equip the starfull with walls and accessories that best protect your structure. A suitable ballast is necessary, for example for windy days. Much more effective than a simple arbor, the Starfull tent is the hospitality tent for all your outdoor exit..