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inflatable tent for athletes HD

Tailor-made inflatable exhibition tent

Ideal exhibition tents to be seen at events in showrooms or outdoors.

Tente gonflable Airmonster

LPTENT colors ready for all kinds of sporting events. Reception, show, shows or other. Our quality products are appreciated by the great names of the sports world who ask us regularly to the purchase or lease our folding tents or inflatable qualities.

Inflatables very easy to install thanks to their electric inflator are excellent communicator to indicate a direction to follow or display a corporate brand.

Anyway, you have the option of setting up to sublimate your exhibitions of all kinds. You will find an explosive result as a color developer sun. Inflatable tents are designed so that its materials make a tent inflatable any more solid ground than a cheap inflatable product.

Earth, lawn, tar, thick double membrane fabric withstands greater stresses of daily constraints for perfect comfort.