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inflatable arch on sport event HD

For a successful cyclist track discover the GCOM arch

To be seen and be successful with your communication please print your logo on our inflatable tents.


3, 2, 1 go! The inflatable arch is on the starting bang of your sport race. Very popular among community and sporting organizations inflatable arch is ideal in all outdoor event to mark a track. The inflatable arch has the property not to be intrusive by its size if it perfectly plays its delimiter role Town halls like this inflatable model easy to transport but also to install.


The canvas double membrane is resistant to shock, pinching and other constraints that could be imposed on it. No air perdition is to be deplored once inflated. Moreover it is a low-flammability product (standard M2). As a result this makes it a perfectly secure checkpoint. The installation of the GCOM arch will take only a few minutes with his electric pump option. Regional cycling team only need to get to the top of its fit to win.