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inflatable arch for all your courses HD

The GCOM arch is the essential to athletes

A sport course where you want to be seen? Get your logo on the inflatable arch of the plot.


And if the success of your sporting event mostly came from a flawless organization. At LPTENT we are convinced of this. Arrange to indicate clearly and precisely the starting line, arrival and relay points is the best way to give the necessary visibility to the smooth running of the event. Print your logo, customize colors, our 3 years experience has enabled us to develop effective logo printing techniques of dazzling colors.


The GCOM inflatable arch is for all tastes. Round, square, double...In size from 4m to 10m. Our experience in inflatable products has led us to create a completely sealed product, the captive air double membrane system does not let any air leak. Coming from a French know-how, our Arches to swell will reveal themselves as faithful strengths in the success of your sporting events.