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 festive marquee for a perfect evening HD

The folding marquee for receiving quickly on evenings

It will be easy to reach a top level result with the marquee with properly placed lighting.

Tente pliante Colecti'V

Imagine the ideal setting for summer particularly mild evening sitting at the terrace of a cafe listening to the group's jazz concert in the adjacent square. Professionals always expect the worst situation possible on festive events. Yet that night, nothing will happen.


Within the folding Colecti'V marquee the music group has only to focus on the music to be a hit. The Colecti'V range under a tent. Intended for professionals on frequent uses, the model is more robust than its Slight sister. Its very fast installation time less playful pleased at the idea of rolling mechanical at dawn or late evening. In folded position, the folding Colecti'V marquee takes very little space to carry in its carrying bag provided for this purpose and be stored there or it will not bother.


This will not be difficult to find a place to put the Barnum-foldable, it makes less 0,5mx0,5m for height 1.5m in its compact form.