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folding arbor to accommodate catering HD

Catering the folding tent way

It is an easy thing to pitch your tent to greet your customers in just 1 minute.

Tente pliante Colecti'V

Catering has its open-air benefits. To enjoy the weather of the sun and the view nothing like a bower judiciously placed on the edge of a lake, in the countryside or why not on the sea? It's very simple, as you build your little piece of paradise, starting from simple tent or Colecti'V Slight model according to frequency of use. For less playful with the idea of creating his own tent, do not be afraid.


The gazebo tents Slight and Colecti'V are installable in less than 2min watch in hand. No need to be 5 to deploy Slight arbor, and no special tools are expected. That's not all, our range of foldable furniture will allow you to complete your booth to receive your customers with confidence. Just as easy to install and carry the tent-arbor, the foldable furniture sets in record time. Become nomads of the catering, it up to you to sit wherever you want to succeed in business.