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arbor tent for athletes HD

The ideal paddock to create according to your desires

Dreaming about a paddock to gather your team or organization? The dream is at hand with LPTENT.

Tente pliante Colecti'V

When athletic competition is in full swing it is a great comfort to find a cohesive team behind which drives us to go ahead and give the best of ourselves. How to create this team spirit if not by working and facing the adversity hand in hand. Training, careful preparation, conviviality. All these points not pass the implementation of your stand or paddock, ideal for creating links in a world where everyone wants a place in the sun.


The tents are LPTENT corners comforts of essential benchmarks for the members of your team. To accommodate, crafts, eating, changing, done as your heart tells you. If you wish, liven up your folding furniture stand for quick installation and reliable one for professional equipment (table, chairs). Regardless of where you go with your own tent you will always feel at home.