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ideal garden arbor HD

The new HQ is called folding arbor

The folding arbor is more than a garden shed, it will act as place of relaxation for your entire team to feel at home.

Tente pliante XP

Motorcycle, car, bike or quad team comes before the individual. Whether professionals or amateurs, all like to gather in the tent gazebo XP. Its roof or PVC Nylon totally waterproof and UV resistant provides a comfort zone must on any event that respects himself.


Available in multiple dimension 4m to 18m the home area changes with the number of people to shelter. Choose the size 3mx6m if your team or association is composed of a dozen or more, you can safely house your call-waiting of buffets, tables or countertops.


In rainy weather, quickly get out your side solid walls, they will protect you from all the hassles weather. In winters, the snow makes reign the cold around you. equip you with a 1500Watt heating in the tent folding you will very quickly warmed by heat disseminated throughout the structure.