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Folding 122cm Round Table NORTHMA ®

Folding Table 183 fixed plate NORTHMA ®

Table 183 Northma HD

183 folding table in the middle NORTHMA ®

Table valise 183cm mini

Folding bench 183 NORTHMA ®

miniature banc pliant

Table skirt

Folding chair LIGHT NORTHMA ®

Folding chair CPO NORTHMA ®

Chaise CPO mini

Table reinforced MODULO

Table modulo droit

Table reinforced MODULO ARC


Table reinforced MODULO quarter round

Miniature table MODULO QUART

Round Table 150cm and 180cm fixed plate

81cm high round cocktail table

Table haute COKTAIL

COCKTAIL high chair

Chaise haute cocktail mini

Folding chair INFINITY STEEL

Chaise infinity mini


Chaise Brillant


Trolley transport tables mini

Trolley chair INFINITY STEEL and CPO

Trolley chaises HD

Trolley for round table

Trolley chair LIGHT

Aluminium table

Table aluminium