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Folding Pagodas
In ZP or XP Design

Reach To The Skies With Our Pagoda Series!

380gr/sqm PVC fabric

White RAL 9016
presentation pagoda range


Our Pagoda series have all the benefits of our XP and ZP tents with a taller peak. Available from 97ft² to 269ft², the folding pagoda opens the doors to a larger reception area.


  • The 10ft x 10ft pagoda has more height than the other tent series for the same surface space. Try a larger and more stylish model at major events.
  • The 13ft x 13ft pagoda is perfect for chic receptions with large attendance. Its 172ft² area is unusually large for hosting a buffet, furniture and guests.
  • The 16ft x 16ft pagoda has the largest surface. Its airy look and redesigned roof are exceptional for weddings and receptions.

Our Pagodas will make your next event the talk of the town with is spacious and airy design.

PAGODE1010 10ftx10ft 100sqft

Capacity : 18 debout or 9 assis

PAGODE1015 10ftx15ft 150sqft

Capacity : 28 debout or 14 assis

PAGODE1020 10ftx20ft 200sqft

Capacity : 36 debout or 18 assis

LPTENT offers manufacturing of custom folding pagodas. If you can not find the size you need, please contact us directly to get your quote within 24 to 72 hours!


Pagoda  XPHeight to Valence 6.5ft Height to Peak 13.75ft

Pagoda XP
Height to Valence 6.5ft
Height to Peak 13.75ft

Folding Tent on Square Base

Folding Tent on Square Base

Pagoda ZPHeight to Valence 8ft Height to Peak  16.75ft

Pagoda ZP
Height to Valence 8ft
Height to Peak 16.75ft



You asked for it and we built it: the fully foldable pagoda!

LPTENT revolutionized the pagoda with our XP and ZP tent designs. It’s a definite time saver. No more tools needed, just space!

The strength of the pagoda is the same as that of our folding XP and ZP tents. Its frame is resistant to shock and twists. The pagoda is designed for any type of terrain. The aluminum frame gives the pagoda considerable advantages.

The Pagoda tops are made with fire resistance PVC that is 100% water proof and fully customizable. The LPTENT pagoda is specially designed to welcome the public while giving a sense of freedom and comfort. Host a safe event in the shelter of a customizable pagoda!



 ZP : ZP System Corner Lock
 ZP : Reinforcement Cables
 XP : Corner Trigger Self-Locking  Injected Fiberglass
 ZP : Sliding Wall System ®
Center Pole
 XP : Aluminum Hood
 ZP : Tension Bars And Cable Braces
Center Pole Reinforcement

1 ZP : ZP System Corner Lock

2 ZP : Reinforcement Cables

3 XP : Corner Trigger Self-Locking Injected Fiberglass

4 ZP : Sliding Wall System ®

5 Center Pole

6 XP : Aluminum Hood

7 ZP : Tension Bars And Cable Braces

8 Center Pole Reinforcement




The ZP Pagoda Pack Comes With 1 Frame, 1 Cover For The Frame, 1 PVC Top, 1 Reinforcement Kit Including 2 Round Tension Bars, 4 Cables, and 1 PVC Bag For Tension Bars And Cables.

The XP Pagoda Pack Comes With 1 Frame, 1 PVC Cover, 1 PVC Top.



Semi-Permanent Daily Use
5 Year Services Warranty
European Safety Standard EN13782
Materials Alu / PVC / Fiberglass
Wind Resistance 60 m / h *
* With Proper Anchoring
CTS Safety Standards
Fire Resistant Fabric
Maximum Mechanical Stability
Effortless Corner Locks





PVC ® 380gr/sqm Fabric  étoile étoile étoile étoile étoile

This flexible‚ fire resistant PVC fabric 380 gr / m² is fire resistant according to the CAN/ULC-S109 & US/NFPA-701 standards. It has a ultra violet protection and a lacquered finish to ensure longevity. All XP walls have the opportunity to have additional tension with a tension bar.


Compare Different Fabrics


Full Wall

Full wall pagoda

Completely Opaque


Simple Door Wall

Semi-panoramic wall PAGODA

With Central Zip


Door Wall

Door wall PAGODA

Central Door Double Zip Fastener

Passage of 3ft


Half Window Wall

Semi-panoramic wall

With Interior Curtain


French Window Wall

Window wall Pagoda

French Design


Emergency Exit Wall

Emergency exit wall

Special Pagoda