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easy mounting sport paddock  HD

The ZP HEXA tent to welcome your athletes

The folding tent ZP HEXA is ideal to host your sports team. Standardized CTS it meets all safety standards for exceptional stands.

Tente pliante ZP

Many teams are looking for a tent that combines portability, modularity, quality customization. LPTENT meets your expectations by offering folding stands with fast assembly. Less than a minute assembly to be ready at the start of each race. Whatever our folding barnum range, you will find one that fits you and have the opportunity to make it your technical or host mark by customizing it 100%. As the picture, LPTENT intends to be a partner and associate our colors to those on your team.


Join excellence to your shelter by associating your rally skills to ours. Whether a marquee 3x3m as shown in the visual or larger and tailor-made, be noticed! From simple lettering to print 100% of your tent with pictures, logos, your sponsors, we will put you ahead. LPTENT with you in pole position!