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milka customized purple stand HD

The taste of things well done accompanies Milka

For an exceptional chocolate, an exceptional tent. Milka vehicle brand image through this custom stand.

Tente pliante SLight

Hum a donut! Nay, but Milka chocolate! Enjoy sweets lovers and gourmands as well as visually gustatorily. Make them want by posting a town dedicated to your products. Make salivate before reaching your stand. Which will not withstand the stand dedicated to gluttony as proposed in the colors of Milka chocolate.


Suggest far, feast close. We help you to realize your seductive advantage: a folding tent-end XP aluminum profiles with grooves, adorned with its fully customizable PVC tarpaulin, a folding aluminum table and perfect table skirt to counter function, sofa and an inflatable chair, arranged around tablourets and Bubblebut table, a totem, a roll-up, adaptive flags directly on the XP frame... Who can remain unmoved by such a masterpiece? Meuuhhhhh I wonder!