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Inflatable tent for sports competitions HD

Kawasaki team chooses inflatable tent Air Monster

Inflatable tent Air Monster for sporting events of exception. Enjoy its communication strength by putting your colors.

Tente gonflable Airmonster

Your brand needs to be emphasized. This is what we offer with our AirMonster. Quick mounting electric blower, it remains without any loss of air through an ingenious system of captive air.. Plant it in the middle of the race track and enforce you! Succumb to her curves made of PVC for its inflatable structure and three materials to choose for the roof and walls.


Add a roof overhang with customizable cap that does not denote with the whole. Point out from afar by summing flags 2,80-4-5 or 7m height. Offer and your team, a unique and dicernable tent among all others. Adopt this aerial monster as communication shelters. Whatever the chosen dimension, offering 9 to 25m² host, or combine several AirMonster to obtain a space of infinite size. Style and space, AirMonster leaves no ice.