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Pasquier buns tailor-made tent HD

The folding tents Pasquier, a breathtaking stand

A lounge to install in less than 30 minutes is a LPTENT exclusivity.

Tente pliante XP

Playful, responsive, recreational, whatever it is LPTENT fits that. Whether you represent a food brand, were proposing your own taste achievements, receive your clients at a buffet supper ceremony, we will offer you the project that reflects your creative spirit. Under a folding tent of range XP 2x2,3x3,3x4,5 or 3x6 size, fully customized to your needs, display loudly taste.


Do not leave indifferent, show yourself and capture attention. Get a 100% customizable inflatable furniture, take cover under a plables quality stand, POP display your ambitions...LPTENT is the solution to your needs and that you wish to convey.