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paddock to kronenbourg colours HD

Kronenbourg refreshment tent

The extreme reliability of the tent ZP makes it a formidable weapon to accommodate customers in all circumstances.

Tente pliante ZP

You do not want to waste time with refreshment stands the laborious installation and must be fitted with tools, you just want a professional equipment that has the mouth and unfolds: we have the product you crave. With the refreshment stand on XP or ZP range of basic and wide printable roof, get your customers and quench his thirst in a time of record creation. Once the frame of the folding tent set up with integrated roof, just add on your own walls and countertops.


You can even move your drinks brands by printing logos and texts you want on your refreshment. Add the folding furniture to perfect everything and announce with our flags or surfs up to 7m in height. Your stand will be worth a visit to sample Kronenbourg!