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customized paddock for Innocent product HD

The Innocent tent, not that innocent.

The XP tent 2mx2m fully play its role in presenting the brand. A simple design that reflects the values of the group. Simple efficiency.

Tente pliante XP

A rainbow of colors like the visual of the Innocent brand! There are no limits to creativity with our products. Whether the folding tent professional range XP or inflatable furniture range BubbleBut, put in the sights to your customers.


Denote by your creative enthusiasm. We will make your marketing space an unforgettable place. You will make an impression with a set of folding tents XP founies printable walls recto/verso, countertops with custom skirt, inflated ottomans and stools, totems and POS. With all this you might be missing? The aluminum and PVC stand is up in less than a minute and meets all the standards required to accommodate the public. For your marketing actions, Do more innocent, adopt a folding stand!