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effective paddock model for professionals HD

Your stand in customized tents, fully modular

To adapt to all situations, our teams advise and guide you for a choice of the most suitable folding tent.

Tente pliante XP

Every day we offer solutions to our clients and visual to respond perfectly to their expectations. More than just a vendor-customer relationship, we favor the relationship with partners. Choosing the range of tents and accessories, development of visual and proofs, we are attentive to the soul of your team, sponsors or brand. As Alltricks, we put forth their very specific colors on folding tent basic XP and unique grooved profiles, and have added our folding furniture and air and a totem there, all fully customized.


Thus, your village looks like you and it is impossible not to notice. Whether inflatable or folding LPTENT has the solution to your paddock a unique space dedicated to you.