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marquee for successful wedding HD

The ultimate beauty, LPTENT pagoda comes in

A must on all your big events, especially weddings, XP/ZP LPTENT pagoda has the grace that is suitable for happy events.

Tente pagode

Tin tin tintin, tintin tin tin...Ha the sweet melody of those happy days! LPTENT allows you as the professional events organizing weddings and ceremonies with our new tent Pagoda style. No need for tools but just a minute to fold up the tent 3mx3m ZP available in sizes 4mx4m and 5mx5m or 9 to 25m² receptivity. Add to that all our folding furniture series easy to carry, to dress with lycra or PVC skirts, and unfold.


We offer a receptive space key in hand in record installation times. Our tents of ZP and XP ranges meet all safety standards and CTS M2 professionals to ensure a usage tranquility. A marquee mounted LPTENT: a successful marriage to the key.