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inflatable tent for the decathlon brand HD

The events has its apogee with the starfull and inflatables

An explosive results by combining the two sports ranges LPTENT. The starfull and Air Design will make you want to move.

Tente Starfull

Give life to your paddock! What's more original than to install the tent Airdesign full race course with air as the only tool? Our range of inflatable tents wants light to carry and easy to mount. Create a space 9m² to 36m², pair them several tents to infinity, connect with our PVC connections, add a roof overhang with our tailored caps.


All this inflatable assembly is also 100% customizable. Let your competitor on the sidelines and be bold in your choice of shelter. Sleek design, high capacity for customization, a multitude of accessories available to you. Be bold, Airdesign-yourself!