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inflatable stand in mountain for perfect reception HD

Inflatable tents in the mountains, it is possible

They are resistant to wind, shock, physical stress of everyday life. The inflatable range LPTENT not cease to amaze you with its ability to adapt.

Tente gonflable Airdesign

From its clean look arise the wildest projects. The inflatable tent AirDesign not only not lose his breath (she knows no air loss thanks to the double membrane captive air) but allows the more creative to externalize his art. Its large printable surface guarantees free expression.


Choose the size of your air support, adjust the necessary enclosures, add accessories that you like and customize all at 100%! Much more than a work of art, easy to carry with artistic value low weight, easy to assemble thanks to our range of tailored inflators, it remains only to be used as reception area or communication. Be seen as easily an inflated idea LPTENT.