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ffsa folding tent HD

The FFSA chooses the quality paddocks of LPTENT

Ultra secure equipment, protected by several patent design. CTS certificate available when needed. The tent ZP is incomparable.

Tente pliante ZP

With it, you can unleash your wildest ideas: the tent range ZP LPTENT comes in all custom sizes. Its grooved profiles and Kim system allows to slide the walls of your structure easily without Velcro system. Surprise and receive your sponsors, put in full view with this professional range of unique folding tents. Even the wind is bowing before it and its resistance to 100km / h (weight system and proper bracing). It can take on sand, snow, extreme conditions without moving.


The sportsmen will find in the ZP ideal tent to carry their teams, announce the colors of their sponsors and highlight their drivers. Add all the accessories your colors such as flags, barriers Vision or fully printed floor covering. LPTENT: your sport ally!