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foldable tent easy to install HD

Your customized tent for all your cocktails

Show your colors proudly to offer refreshments and other beverages to consumers.

Tente pliante SLight

How about making your folding tent a portable workspace? Easy to transport, assemble, stow or has everything one can dream of traveling craftsman. In less than a minute, you offer your customers a sales area and aggrémentez all appropriate accessories: furniture, tent accessories, event accessories...


But above all, you offer a visual that is unique to you and that you like at 100%. Why not make your tent bar to go? It is possible, LPTENT does! As in the photo, made of 9m a perfect place to delight passersby of your beverage and exquisite stained image of your printed tent. Select the range of tent that pleases you and advise you to leave your booth a unique place that will turn pale with envy your competitors and neighbors. Do not stay in the shadows stand out with folding tents LPTENT!