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folding stand for fair, market and other gathering HD

A customized marquee for craftsmen

A printable marquee, fully customizable to share your sign and taste of the good things, it is

Tente pliante Colecti'V

Gone are the days of white shelters, neutral, sad and not sellers...LPTENT offers you the opportunity to make your work tool an attractive place. Attract the curiosity of passersby, put your merchandise before, do you see from afar...this is what we offer. Whether you choose a folding tent steel or aluminum, nylon or PVC tarpaulin, we know you highlight where you are. Adapt additional visuals such as banner rolls, barriers vision, flags to your brand.


In recent marry perfectly with your folding stands. LPTENT to offer a unique concept of space dedicated to your products. Put yourself forward, you stand out from your peers: do your sales area a receptive place. LPTENT a tent, it's guaranteed quality to Measuring Up of what you offer!