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inflatable tent for handball team HD

Inflatable tent for associations

Incomparable colors, a quality finish. To host your team inflatable tent Air Monster plays its role perfectly with no great host surface.

Tente gonflable Airmonster

Folding stands are not made for motor sports!" Banish this overrated idea and see what we are able to offer to you sport. Your team deserves to be highlighted and stand out. Inflatable tent is large utilities: reception desk, ticketing, cloakroom, give it the activity you want. Choose basic colors of the inflatable frame and dress it from head to toe, add full enclosures with door, window, floor covering your logo, custom furniture to your team, the flags to warn you, from POS to get the message, in short, announce the color, ignite the stadium! Convey the strong image of team sport, impose on you face your opponents field but also in post-match! Show that you are where you make no waiting!