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LU folding stand hd

The choice of modularity for the LU stand

Successful stand for LU is choosing the combination hospitality tent and inflatable furniture. We love it.

Tente pliante Colecti'V

What a hal-LU-cination ! Edible stand! One would eat it right? Give birth to your imaginary space that suits you. Give life to your projects with our folding aluminum stands that meet all the standards for receiving public safely. Give want your customers or resellers to come find you in your advertising sphere. You unfold or gonfliez, our tents have been designed to ensure a significant installation time saving.


Save installation time for the benefit of the reception. Imagine getting a tent professional range, printed in 100% of your brand, accompanied by a set of inflatable furniture the same color, a reception desk with her also custom PVC skirt, flags telling you loud and clear ! Be seen, be LU!