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Carte Noire inflatable and foldable furniture lounge HD

The Carte Noire tailor-made tent

When a prestige brand wants to develop a stand to its image, the team LPTENT bends over backwards to release a quality result. The result is a custom stand to take your coffee break at the best places.

Tente pliante XP

Try to remember the space I offered to my guests…This is what you can hum when receiving your guests in a fully customized booth that suits you. Whatever the idea of an ephemeral bar, a reception area, a mobile meeting room, we have the equipment you need. XP tries range meets all safety standards allowing you to receive the public.


It has a large number of attachable accessories in the same frame. Streamline single grooves made our Best Seller, robustness makes it the darling of professionals, reliability actually a cult object. It will be like no other wearing her thousand colors, its colorful dressing, of his infinite possibility of printing. As visually imagined for this famous brand of coffee, does this tent not call to relax and the urge to meet for a cup of coffee, comfortably nestled in the foundation of the inflatable range Bubblebut? LPTENT What else?