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marquee for outdoor reception HD

The arbor, revisited by LPTENT

A perfect setting to enjoy all your outings with friends or family. Happiness is at hand.

Tente pliante Colecti'V

You organize receptions, weddings, party events and receive the public? LPTENT you in your project. Our tents ZP XP Collecti'V ranges meet safety standards and will be the perfect shelter for your business. Not only will you welcome your guests and guests safely but you will have the ability to customize each moment.


Tarps of our tents are 100% customizable, and it is even possible to fit a velcro framework that will land a repositionable sheet that you customize the likings of your events. The 3x3 size, most used in the 5x5 range ZP Pagoda, we have the product for your acticité park. At all odds, a tent LPTENT.