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airtent sweet madness inescapable on event HD

A successful evening with sweet madness inflatable tent

Inflatable tents do wonders to attract the crowds. With sweet madness evenings in the mountains will be unforgettable.

Tente gonflable Airdesign

Put a touch of madness in your events: be the one everyone talks about our inflatable tent Airmonster the colors of your client or your agency. Available with carry bag, the Airmonster is easy to transport and especially editing.


It only takes you to the air to be worthy of your events. Whether 3x3 4x4 5x5 dimensions or other request, we will make your reception area where to be seen! Add to that the air 100% customizable furniture, printed flags, and you are propelled into the big league. Better than a tedious stand mount, inflate your block with events tent Airtent. A stroke of electric pump and voila! You can even connect your tents together with our printable flexible connections and expand your space at will!