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inflatable tent cub to aerate your events HD

A must, the Air Design

The Air Design is an excellent communicating. It attracts visitors and hosts in a ground area to the very structure. Navigate with ease with Air Design.

Tente gonflable Airdesign

Many cyclists providers trust us and we trust their achievements. We respect the terms of each of loads to offer and realize the inflatable tent and its accessories to own colors corporations, teams and sponsors. Give breadth to your projects and give us the realization of your media and shelters. The Airtent range does not lack of air and will offer many benefits to its users.


Be seen from far away, stand out from those around you, that's what we offer. Be inflated and adopt a Airdesign your colors. Size 3x3, 4x4 or 5x5m, it will transport small and visually impressive. Combined, thanks to the provided accessories such as PVC liaisons the Airdesign offer an infinite space of design possibilities. Do not miss air, stand out with the Airdesign.